United Kingdom Office
We, at Turtle Trading Ltd, have been introducing our products on our WEB SHOP and via Magazines not only our existing products but also non publicized products.
We are actively providing our overseas customers with the best service and opportunity to purchase our products for export by using our unique network, via the UK branch.
  For English-speaking customers- please feel free to contact our UK branch for any enquiries regarding pricing, delivery and shipping of parts. We are happy to provide quotes for you with our special overseas customer discounts.
We are looking forward to hearing from our worldwide English-speaking customers.

Turtle Trading the UK branch manager
Saburo Shimazu

タートルトレーディング 英国支店長 島津三郎

Spare Parts Sales
We are actively exporting any parts, especially Japanese items from our web shop to our overseas customers via the UK branch, myself. For English-speaking customers, please feel free to contact me for any enquiries regarding pricing, delivery and shipping of parts. I am happy to provide quotes for you.
Car Sales
We also export our stock cars from Japan. If you have any enquiries about a car on our website, please contact me directly. I will be able to give you more details and pictures of the car you are interested in. I can provide you with a quote and all the necessary paper work for exporting cars overseas. Also we are able to quote for and provide any spare parts you may require to service the car at the same time.
Import/ Export Service
Are there any cars or spare parts you are particularly interested in via the internet? We understand that transporting cars or spare parts from overseas can be worrying experience. Therefore we can provide you with a stress free import and export service. We can arrange a shipment for you. Also if you need to export your beloved classic car to or from the UK or Japan, please feel free to contact me for a quote.
あなたがインターネットで見つけたお気に入りの部品や車両などございませんか? 個人輸入では、決済後の現地トラブルや手続き不備など、商品が手元に届くまでに何度も不安に陥る可能性を秘めています。我々は長年に渡る実績がありますので、日本や英国への直輸出入も安心してお任せいただけます。生活環境の変化により、日本から英国へ移住される際の車両を輸出したい場合や、英国で乗り継いだ大切な旧車両を日本へ輸入したい場合など、我々の輸入代行サービスをどうぞご利用ください。その他、日本と英国の事で、あなたにお役立て頂ける事がございましたら、私にお申し付けくださいませ。
We are happy to help.